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I'm Karisa Dzombo and I am Freelance

I am Karisa Dzombo, IT Kenyan Freelance . Highly organised, motivated, meticulous to details and result oriented. I am well versed in the following areas;
-Digital Marketing
-Search Engine Optimization/Marketing
-Software Development
-Infrastructure Support Services
-Computer Hardware and Software Maintenance
-Graphics Design

I have proven abilities to design comprehensive customer and administrative solutions that catalyze innovative IT initiatives that address today’s challenges of organization growth, optimizing resources while achieving customer satisfaction and retention.

I am able to adapt to any working environment and recognize that working as a freelance will help me grow my experience and efficiency in offering IT solutions.

My goals both short term and long term are focused in contributing to the growth of institutions in IT related fields, as a team player. I pride myself in a strict work ethic, honesty, dependability and reliability.While at it I expect to gain and extend experience and endeavor to provide exemplary services that would be of most benefit to all organizations and other stakeholders.

I have knowledge in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PhP , Bootstrap, JQuery, Java, Python, Angular, Adobe, JustinMind, Adobe Spark and Wordpress.

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The idea, I believe, is not to do it better than anyone else, but to do it differently.

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Nairobi, Kenya

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+254 714 409 480
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